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Aggression Quotes

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I have a lot of aggression in me that needs to come out in a not-very-precise or articulate way.

Tags: Articulate, Needs  ✍ Author: Christina Aguilera

I'm not going to appeal to violence or aggression - of course not.

Tags: Appeal, Violence  ✍ Author: Bruce Nauman

Aggression unopposed becomes a contagious disease.

Tags: Contagious, Disease  ✍ Author: Jimmy Carter

I've pent up all my aggression, kept swallowing it and swallowing it.

Tags: Kept, Swallowing  ✍ Author: Mark David Chapman

Our capacity to retaliate must be, and is, massive in order to deter all forms of aggression.

Tags: Capacity, Order  ✍ Author: John Foster Dulles

New Zealanders have conventions and pleasantries, but we are direct. We are encouraged to be transparent with our behavior and not to employ passive aggression.

Tags: Behavior, Direct  ✍ Author: Daniel Gillies

I feel like we need more aggression today.

Tags: Today  ✍ Author: Ludacris

Saddam is a familiar dictatorial aggressor, with traditional goals for his aggression.

Tags: Familiar, Goals  ✍ Author: Brent Scowcroft

Aggression only moves in one direction - it creates more aggression.

Tags: Direction, Moves  ✍ Author: Richard Whately

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