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Alison Lohman's Quotes

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Born: 1979-09-18
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Alison Lohman

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I mean, I like to think of myself as being strong and independent, but I definitely wasn't like that at 14.

Tags: Definitely, Mean, Strong

I mean, God, I'm so lucky right now with the opportunities that I've had. There's nothing to worry about.

Tags: God, Mean, Worry

But you're not necessarily ever going to be handed a script where you can say: it's all done and perfect.

Tags: Done, Handed, Perfect

But, you know, it really depends on the character. Age doesn't really matter.

Tags: Age, Character, Matter

I did musicals from about age 10 to 18.

Tags: Age, Musicals

I don't know... I don't want people to know everything about me.

Tags: Famous, Idea

I just want to act. I just want to do the work.

Tags: Act, Work

I like to take a character and develop it.

Tags: Character, Develop

I'd like to play characters who are older - I don't want to be playing 14-year-olds too much longer.

Tags: Longer, Older, Playing

I've always loved acting with adults versus like the whole High School feel.

Tags: Acting, School, Whole

My dad's an architect and my mom owned a French bakery for twelve years.

Tags: Architect, Dad, Mom

My private life... Nobody should care. I think it's weird.

Tags: Care, Life, Weird

Obviously you don't want to be anonymous, but you don't want everyone to know your life.

Tags: Anonymous, Everyone, Life

For Astrid, no matter what challenges they go through, they are going to face each other. It's hard for a daughter to accept that her mother is that selfish and that terrible.

Tags: Hard, Mother, Selfish

I still get really nervous, though, before each performance. It kind of hits about 15 minutes before we go onstage - sometimes I don't even want to go on. But once I'm onstage I'm fine.

Tags: Once, Sometimes, Though

I think everybody faces challenges in their lives. I've definitely been through it - not to the extreme that Astrid did. I try to keep some kind of identity and strength.

Tags: Keep, Strength, Try

I'm 24. I think when I was 18, 19, I had a problem with it because I wanted to look older and more womanly. I look in the mirror and I don't feel or look 14 to myself, regardless of what other people think. I'm fine with it and it really doesn't matter what age I'm playing.

Tags: Age, Problem, Wanted

You know what? It's a great conversation starter, right? You meet friends that way. Sometimes it's a good thing. And then other times, I guess, the person is just a little too... then you kind of like want to back away. It depends on the person, you know?

Tags: Friends, Good, Great

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