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Andres Iniesta's Quotes

Andres Iniesta profile photo

Born: 1984-05-11
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Spanish
Biography of Andres Iniesta

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Some people like you, some people don't. In the end you just have to be yourself.

Tags: End, Yourself

If there is one thing that all players have in common it is that winning, competitive gene; the ability to overcome obstacles and fight for what you want from your career.

Tags: Career, Fight, Winning

Every player wants to be as complete as possible and goals for a central midfielder are very important.

Tags: Goals, Possible, Wants

I don't consider myself a star.

Tags: Consider, Star

I get the feeling people respect me and that there is affection for me. That makes me happy.

Tags: Feeling, Happy, Respect

I like to watch soccer, no matter what teams or players are in the field.

Tags: Matter, Soccer, Watch

If you win without sacrifice you enjoy it but it's more satisfying when you have struggled.

Tags: Enjoy, Sacrifice, Win

In the past, I had my idols but today I enjoy learning from all the soccer I watch.

Tags: Learning, Past, Today

La Masia is a place where lots of people live together but you are on your own.

Tags: Lots, Place, Together

My father has made a museum with my cuttings and photographs.

Tags: Father, Museum

Perfection doesn't exist.

Tags: Exist, Perfection

There are moments when the human body can overcome things you would never expect.

Tags: Body, Expect, Human

There is no rule that says a footballer needs to be 'this high' and 'this wide.'

Tags: High, Needs, Rule

You have different sorts of people in life, so why should it be any different in football?

Tags: Football, Life, Why

Small players learn to be intuitive, to anticipate, to protect the ball. A guy who weighs 90 kilos doesn't move like one who weighs 60. In the playground I always played against much bigger kids and I always wanted the ball. Without it, I feel lost.

Tags: Learn, Lost, Small

What I do when speaking in public is trying to do it as best as possible and trying to make everybody comfortable with my words. Sometimes getting this is very difficult, but I try my best.

Tags: Best, Trying, Words
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