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Social media companies must combine their mastery of the latest in real-time, location based or augmented reality technologies in the service of clear and consistent storytelling.

Tags: Reality, Service, Social  ✍ Author: Daniel Mainwaring

Wouldn't you like to have an augmented memory chip that you could plug into your head so you don't have to look everything up and remember everything?

Tags: Head, Memory, Remember  ✍ Author: Kevin J. Anderson

Our plants had now increased to 252: as they were all kept on shore at the tent I augmented the guard there, though from the general conduct of the natives there did not appear the least occasion for so much caution.

Tags: General, Kept, Though  ✍ Author: William Bligh

In a government whose distinguishing characteristic should be a diffusion and equalization of its benefits and burdens the advantage of individuals will be augmented at the expense of the community at large.

Tags: Advantage, Community, Government  ✍ Author: Martin Van Buren

I said a long time ago that Foursquare can make cities better. You have these augmented realities like Foursquare and Twitter and Facebook that provide these virtual nodes and instant feedback from anywhere, adding annotation around a physical places.

Tags: Physical, Said, Time  ✍ Author: Jack Dorsey

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