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Ava Gardner's Quotes

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Born: 1922-12-24
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Ava Gardner

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I suffered, I really suffered, with all three of my husbands. And I tried damn hard with all three, starting each marriage certain that it was going to last until the end of my life. Yet none of them lasted more than a year or two.

Tags: End, Life, Marriage

I don't understand people who like to work and talk about it like it was some sort of goddamn duty. Doing nothing feels like floating on warm water to me. Delightful, perfect.

Tags: Perfect, Understand, Work

I think the main reason my marriages failed is that I always loved too well but never wisely.

Tags: Failed, Loved, Reason

What's the point? My face, shall we say, looks lived in.

Tags: Face, Point, Shall

Deep down, I'm pretty superficial.

Tags: Deep, Pretty

I have only one rule in acting - trust the director and give him heart and soul.

Tags: Heart, Him, Trust

Because I was promoted as a sort of a siren and played all those sexy broads, people made the mistake of thinking I was like that off the screen. They couldn't have been more wrong.

Tags: Sexy, Thinking, Wrong

If someone says you're a reporter and doesn't want you to anchor then you wonder why you worked so hard at it.

Tags: Hard, Someone, Why

In the end, I think you really only get as far as you're allowed to get.

Tags: Allowed, End, Far
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Ava Gardner's quote #4
Ava Gardner's quote #4
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