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Bad Stuff Quotes

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There's quite a lot of bad stuff written about me. My wife even says a lot of bad stuff about me. But she is wonderful.

Tags: Bad, Wife, Wonderful  ✍ Author: Michael Caine

Eventually the bad stuff I'm writing turns into better stuff. Other times, I've just walked away from what I was working on, and figured I'd have a better perspective when I came back to it.

Tags: Bad, Working, Writing  ✍ Author: Margaret Haddix

If anything good came out of 9/11, to me, was that people were so cynical about the world - all you hear about on the news is all the bad stuff everyday, but what was refreshing to me was after that, you saw how many good people there are out there. For every one bad one, there's a thousand good ones.

Tags: After, Bad, Good  ✍ Author: Alan Jackson

Life is not a bowl full of cherries, there's good and bad stuff.

Tags: Bad, Good, Life  ✍ Author: Fuzzy Zoeller

Those places I don't understand, just doing bad food. It takes some doing. Making good pasta is so much easier than making bad stuff. It actually takes quite an effort to make poor linguine pomodora.

Tags: Bad, Food, Good  ✍ Author: Anthony Bourdain

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Bad Stuff quote #2
Bad Stuff quote #2
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Bad Stuff quote #2
Bad Stuff quote #2

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