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Basil Bunting's Quotes

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Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Poet
Nation: British
Biography of Basil Bunting

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Always carry a corkscrew and the wine shall provide itself.

Tags: Carry, Shall, Wine

Can a moment of madness make up for an age of consent?

Tags: Age, Madness, Moment

To appreciate present conditions, collate them with those of antiquity.

Tags: Appreciate, Conditions, Present

The mystic purchases a moment of exhilaration with a lifetime of confusion; and the confusion is infectious and destructive. It is confusing and destructive to try and explain anything in terms of anything else, poetry in terms of psychology.

Tags: Confusion, Poetry, Try

Whether you listen to a piece of music, or a poem, or look at a picture or a jug, or a piece of sculpture, what matters about it is not what it has in common with others of its kind, but what is singularly its own.

Tags: Music, Others, Picture
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Basil Bunting's quote #2
Basil Bunting's quote #2
Basil Bunting's quote #2
Basil Bunting's quote #2
Basil Bunting's quote #2
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