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Bennett Miller's Quotes

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Born: 1966-12-30
Profession: Director
Nation: American
Biography of Bennett Miller

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A film cannot make it into the culture without the support of critics.

Tags: Cannot, Film, Support

For me, personally, the value of a film is not determined by a review, but the health of the film is.

Tags: Film, Health, Value

Honestly, my smartest business decision was to never do anything that I didn't love doing.

Tags: Business, Decision, Love

I am attracted to anything that does not feel derivative.

Tags: Attracted, Derivative

I don't believe in God in the way I often see described by religion.

Tags: God, Often, Religion

I think I am missing a gene that most people have to enable them to feel happiness about success and these kind of things.

Tags: Happiness, Missing, Success

I think I approach things with an outsider's perspective.

Tags: Approach, Outsider

I think the mind has a way of getting to where it needs to get to. If you are persistent.

Tags: Getting, Mind, Needs

It's great making a film and having it embraced and seen. I really enjoy that.

Tags: Enjoy, Great, Making

You make a movie and you'd like it to be appreciated, respected, embraced.

Tags: Movie, Respected

Every relationship probably has, at its inception, a hundred things that you could pick on and divert you from it, but the feeling is there. You figure out a way to make it work.

Tags: Feeling, Figure, Work

I want to work with performers who really are ready to lose their minds, you know? People who are established and have talent, but who are ready to break new ground and really be cracked open in a new way.

Tags: Lose, Talent, Work

My business life is really simple. It's like, get check. Put check in bank. Pay rent. I've never bought a stock in my life. I never got caught up in that trip. And the truth is, I don't obsess about money ever.

Tags: Life, Money, Truth

People are attracted to entertainment, for sure, or jokes, excitement and romantically heightened stories that might be false, but are still attractive fantasies.

Tags: Excitement, Might, Sure
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