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Billy Graham Quotes

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Billy Graham talks about how he doesn't judge people. I don't either. Some people I am just pissed at.

Tags: Either, Judge, Talks  ✍ Author: Jessica Hahn

I put off writing the first Left Behind book for a year because I got invited to assist Billy Graham in his memoirs, and had we known what we were putting off for a year, we might not have put it off.

Tags: Book, Put, Writing  ✍ Author: Jerry B. Jenkins

I've written enough books with real celebrities, such as Walter Payton and Hank Aaron and Billy Graham, to know that fame looks good only to people who don't have it.

Tags: Enough, Good, Real  ✍ Author: Jerry B. Jenkins

Christianity is not the faith of the complacent, the comfortable or of the timid. It demands and creates heroic souls like Wesley, Wilberforce, Bonhoeffer, John Paul the Second, and Billy Graham. Each showed, in their own way, the relentless and powerful influence of the message of Jesus Christ.

Tags: Faith, Jesus, Powerful  ✍ Author: Mitt Romney

If there's anyone in my lifetime who deserves honor it is Billy Graham. I think he is the most significant figure since the apostles.

Tags: Anyone, Honor, Since  ✍ Author: Pat Boone

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Billy Graham quote #2
Billy Graham quote #2
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Billy Graham quote #2

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