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Adrian Smith's Profile

Brief about Adrian Smith: By info that we know Adrian Smith was born at 1957-02-27. And also Adrian Smith is English Musician.

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We are one of the last heavy metal bands. Iron Maiden has always been unique.

Tags: Last, Metal, Unique

A band is sort of like a star. It reaches a peak and burns out. To have five guys working in perfect harmony longer than a couple years is difficult.

Tags: Difficult, Perfect, Working

I get to fish a lot of wild and wonderful places on tour.

Tags: Fish, Wild, Wonderful

I've never been much for theory and scales.

Tags: Scales, Theory

The room is the most important thing about recording.

Tags: Recording, Room

To me, anyone with an Australian accent wielding a tennis racket is cool.

Tags: Anyone, Cool, Tennis

When you're used to seeing someone being coldly efficient on court and suddenly they go on stage and into your world - it's fascinating.

Tags: Someone, Stage, Used

The band has always stayed close to its fans and not sold out. That's a very rare thing. I can see how rare that is having been outside of the band for eight years. Maiden has integrity. I think people appreciate that.

Tags: Appreciate, Band, Integrity

We try and stay out of the corporate side of it. The band has never compromised. At some point in our career we could have made a certain type of record and sold millions of units, as they are called.

Tags: Career, Point, Try