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Bill Watterson's Profile

Brief about Bill Watterson: By info that we know Bill Watterson was born at 1958-07-05. And also Bill Watterson is American Cartoonist.

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A real job is a job you hate.

Tags: Hate, Job, Real

Genius is never understood in its own time.

Tags: Brainy, Genius, Time

Reality continues to ruin my life.

Tags: Life, Reality, Ruin

Why waste time learning, when ignorance is instantaneous?

Tags: Ignorance, Learning, Time

Mothers are the necessity of invention.

Tags: Mom, Mothers, Necessity

I've got to start listening to those quiet, nagging doubts.

Tags: Listening, Quiet, Start

If you can't control your peanut butter, you can't expect to control your life.

Tags: Control, Expect, Life

Sometimes when I'm talking, my words can't keep up with my thoughts. I wonder why we think faster than we speak. Probably so we can think twice.

Tags: Thoughts, Why, Words

When birds burp, it must taste like bugs.

Tags: Birds, Bugs, Taste

It's surprising how hard we'll work when the work is done just for ourselves.

Tags: Done, Hard, Work

Shutting off the thought process is not rejuvenating; the mind is like a car battery - it recharges by running.

Tags: Car, Mind, Thought

Talking with you is sort of the conversational equivalent of an out of body experience.

Tags: Body, Experience, Talking

We all have different desires and needs, but if we don't discover what we want from ourselves and what we stand for, we will live passively and unfulfilled.

Tags: Needs, Ourselves, Stand

Heck, what's a little extortion among friends?

Tags: Among, Friends, Heck

It's always better to leave the party early.

Tags: Early, Leave, Party

Letting your mind play is the best way to solve problems.

Tags: Best, Mind, Problems

So, what's it like in the real world? Well, the food is better, but beyond that, I don't recommend it.

Tags: Beyond, Food, Real

The purpose of writing is to inflate weak ideas, obscure pure reasoning, and inhibit clarity. With a little practice, writing can be an intimidating and impenetrable fog!

Tags: Ideas, Purpose, Writing

If I had rolled along with the strip's popularity and repeated myself for another five, 10 or 20 years, the people now 'grieving' for 'Calvin and Hobbes' would be wishing me dead.

Tags: Along, Another, Dead

The world of a comic strip ought to be a special place with its own logic and life... I don't want the issue of Hobbes's reality settled by a doll manufacturer.

Tags: Life, Reality, Special

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