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Bobby Sherman's Profile

Brief about Bobby Sherman: By info that we know Bobby Sherman was born at 1943-07-22. And also Bobby Sherman is American Musician.

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As far as advice to potential teenage idols, there is no formula.

Tags: Advice, Far, Potential

I worked with everybody, the best, and they actually paid me money to stand next to the people I idolized.

Tags: Best, Money, Stand

Take some time to learn first aid and CPR. It saves lives, and it works.

Tags: Learn, Lives, Time

Again, talent is the real import of being in the business.

Tags: Again, Business, Real

And we just went with Julie because that name hadn't been used in any other popular songs at the time.

Tags: Name, Time, Used

As far as a cocktail, I do like good wines, basically with meals, and good champagnes.

Tags: Far, Good, Meals

As far as show business, it's the gratification of doing something that pleases the fans.

Tags: Business, Far, Show

But there are many, and I'm a supporter of a great deal of charities.

Tags: Charities, Deal, Great

I am moved by music, and certain things just make my day.

Tags: Moved, Music

I became a human placebo.

Tags: Human

I have a lot of friends and fans in Orlando, and I'd love to see them again.

Tags: Again, Friends, Love

I have to be motivated, and I'm sure time will avail itself.

Tags: Motivated, Sure, Time

I miss doing a series, but I don't want to do a series for a series' sake.

Tags: Miss, Sake, Series

I'm more akin to football than I think anything else because that's what I played in high school.

Tags: Else, Football, School

I'm such a lover of music that it would be very hard for me to pinpoint it to a particular artist.

Tags: Artist, Hard, Music

If you've got talent, stick with it... because talent wins out, without a doubt.

Tags: Doubt, Stick, Talent

In show business, if you make a mistake, you can do it over again.

Tags: Again, Business, Show

In the last 5 years I've been working with the LAPD, training police officers in first aid and CPR.

Tags: Last, Training, Working

Recently I heard Sheryl Crow and I loved her, she was terrific.

Tags: Her, Loved, She

Unfortunately I'm not a smoker, so cigars have never been a part of my agenda.

Tags: Agenda, Cigars, Smoker
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