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Buddy Rice's Profile

Brief about Buddy Rice: By info that we know Buddy Rice was born at 1976-01-31. And also Buddy Rice is American Celebrity.

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It's always a little different, racing on your hometown track. It makes it more special.

Tags: Makes, Racing, Special

Between us and the writers, it was comedy hour the whole time. We could hardly get through it.

Tags: Between, Time, Whole

I don't think you'll understand the true repercussions of what the 500 does for you until years down the road.

Tags: True, Understand, Until

I've always been under the radar.

Tags: Radar

I've always loved old hot rods. I have four or five of them at home that I work on when I'm not working out.

Tags: Home, Work, Working

It's hard to put into words, shaking hands with the most powerful man in the world.

Tags: Hard, Powerful, Words

It's pretty cool to be able to hang out with the President and have the race-winning car on the South Lawn.

Tags: Car, Cool, Pretty

When the car's going well, I purr like a kitten.

Tags: Car, Kitten

Mile tracks put more emphasis on the driver. On the longer tracks, you can drive flat out all the way around, so it's more of an engineering exercise. On a mile, you can't run flat out. You're constantly in traffic, there's more driver involvement.

Tags: Exercise, Put, Run
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