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Conor Oberst's Profile

Brief about Conor Oberst: By info that we know Conor Oberst was born at 1980-02-15. And also Conor Oberst is American Musician.

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I think there's so much about Rasta culture that's interesting. Just the idea of preaching one-ness, that we're all in this together.

Tags: Culture, Idea, Together

I was raised Catholic, and I have an aversion to anyone who takes religion to the extreme.

Tags: Anyone, Religion, Takes

I went right from wunderkind to washed up. Old. Been around too long. That's just the way I feel. That's my internal dialogue.

Tags: Dialogue, Internal, Old

If the world could remain within a frame like a painting on the wall, I think we'd see the beauty then and stand staring in awe.

Tags: Beauty, Stand, Within

If there's a song that stops meaning anything to me, then I'll quit playing it.

Tags: Meaning, Playing, Song

If you think about the concept of reincarnation, it's essentially uploading yourself and your spirit into a new form, a new hard drive as it were.

Tags: Hard, Spirit, Yourself

It seems like everything I do musically I tend to lose a few fans and gain a few fans, and it all kind of evens out.

Tags: Few, Lose, Seems

It's human nature to wonder.

Tags: Human, Nature, Wonder

Life is always surprising to me. When you think it's going to get dull, it never really does.

Tags: Dull, Life, Surprising

One of my favorite modern American authors is Denis Johnson. I'm deeply inspired by all of his work - I rip him off constantly.

Tags: American, Him, Work

Pronouns really don't matter in a song - 'I' or 'he' or 'she' or even subscribing a lyric to an inanimate object.

Tags: Matter, She, Song

Sometimes I daydream about having a farm and a wife and some babies and watching the grass grow, but you have to meet the right person for that.

Tags: Grow, Sometimes, Wife

The only thing major labels can really offer is money.

Tags: Labels, Major, Money

The way my life's structured, I don't stay in a place for more than a couple months.

Tags: Life, Place, Stay

The worst thing you can do as an artist is to repeat yourself.

Tags: Artist, Worst, Yourself

There's a very fine line between one person's reality and another person's fantasy.

Tags: Another, Between, Reality

To finish a song is the best feeling in the world.

Tags: Best, Feeling, Song

We must memorize nine numbers and deny we have a soul.

Tags: Deny, Numbers, Soul

We've all seen the power music has to spread messages of solidarity and hope.

Tags: Hope, Music, Power

When I would first come to New York on tour, I hated the place.

Tags: Place, Tour, York
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