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Debbi Peterson's Profile

Brief about Debbi Peterson: By info that we know Debbi Peterson was born at 1961-08-22. And also Debbi Peterson is American Musician.

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VH1 does its little '80s retro thing once in a while, all of us in our bad hairdos and unfortunate clothes.

Tags: Bad, Once, While

We had this budding baby band going and we hadn't reached that development we wanted to reach before we got signed to a major label.

Tags: Baby, Band, Wanted

We've mellowed out, man.

Tags: Amazing, Mind, Somebody

We had an EP out and all of a sudden we find record companies are interested in us, and we're thinking, 'Oh, that's really nice, but we don't think we're ready for it.'

Tags: Nice, Ready, Thinking

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