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Don Cheadle's Profile

Brief about Don Cheadle: By info that we know Don Cheadle was born at 1964-11-29. And also Don Cheadle is American Actor.

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No, it's not comfortable; I hate watching myself. You don't like when you hear your voice on your voicemail; imagine having to see yourself 30 feet wide and 30 feet big.

Tags: Big, Hate, Yourself

Now is a good time, 10 years ago would have been a good time, and 10 years from now it will still be a good time to see a dynamic, entertaining movie that's wall-to-wall Miles Davis where the music will hopefully spark some desire to know more about the man.

Tags: Good, Music, Time

President Obama inherited a broken country mired in two wars, a financial crisis, a mortgage mess and more than we all probably even know about and has in my opinion brought us back from the brink. But I still see my friends in no better shape and the gap widening.

Tags: Country, Crisis, Friends

The fun for me is to mix it all up. I would actually like to do something as far away from what I've just done, just for my own personal joy and growth, for what I want to do.

Tags: Done, Fun, Joy

The process changes slightly from role to role. Obviously, there are different things you're called on to do. You're not digging deep for Basher Tarr like I was for Paul Rusesabagina, but at the end of the day it's still all make-believe and you still are trying as realistically as you can to depict these characters.

Tags: Deep, End, Trying

We're always trailing, as far as the amount of roles that are written for us and the films that are being made that have black characters in them. I don't know if that's going to change.

Tags: Black, Change, Far

I understand what's it like to work all week and on Friday night just want to go and leave your brain at the door, buy some popcorn and be thrilled by something.

Tags: Brain, Night, Work

I think if you were to look at my resume in total you would see a lot of things that are kind of all over the map.

Tags: Map, Resume, Total

But I think it's intoxicating when somebody is so unapologetically who they are.

Tags: Somebody

But most scripts are terrible. Most projects are bad, that's just kind of the way it is. And I'm not really attracted to those.

Tags: Bad, Projects, Terrible

I don't like message movies either.

Tags: Either, Message, Movies

I don't like movies that are trying to preach and trying to tell you how to feel.

Tags: Movies, Tell, Trying

I used to record but just in my own studio or in my friend's back when I toyed with the idea of being a rapper.

Tags: Friend, Idea, Used

I want to be a part of great things.

Tags: Great

I want to see somebody go to jail over the financial crisis and not just black, brown and poor whites over humbles and minor drug beefs.

Tags: Black, Crisis, Poor

I was about to write that in the future I would chose my words more carefully but I'm sure I won't.

Tags: Future, Words, Write

I've been doing this since I was 10 years old, inhabiting different people and playing different roles.

Tags: Old, Playing, Since

It's great to be in a film that's able to have people really want to become socially conscious, to walk out of the theatre and want to do something.

Tags: Able, Become, Great

People have always been obsessed by celebrities. There are just more outlets and opportunities to make a living exploiting that obsession nowadays.

Tags: Living, Obsessed, Obsession

So often when Black men have to play roles on TV, we're either the noble savage or we're completely a savage, and there's no nuance.

Tags: Black, Men, Often