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Emerson Fittipaldi's Profile

Brief about Emerson Fittipaldi: By info that we know Emerson Fittipaldi was born at 1946-12-12. And also Emerson Fittipaldi is Brazilian Driver.

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A racing driver has to be a good driver.

Tags: Driver, Good, Racing

Also, I am very religious. It gave me peace of mind all my career.

Tags: Career, Mind, Peace

Gary Smith, when I came to America, taught me a great deal about racing.

Tags: America, Deal, Great

I am very happy because motor racing is very important outside the states, very big all over the world.

Tags: Big, Happy, Racing

I based in Brazil, Sao Paulo, but I come very often to the states, and I travel all over the world.

Tags: Based, Often, Travel

I have to accept risk as a racing driver.

Tags: Accept, Racing, Risk

I know if someone is coming from my right side. I could feel it.

Tags: Coming, Side, Someone

I think with new president Chris Pook of CART, he is very active and strong.

Tags: Active, President, Strong

I wanted to be the best in the world.

Tags: Best, Wanted

I was extremely aggressive from the start.

Tags: Aggressive, Extremely, Start

I was extremely lucky. I had some huge crashes and yet I am still here, thanks to God.

Tags: God, Here, Lucky

Indy car racing is much more aggressive.

Tags: Aggressive, Car, Racing

The racing driver's mind has to have the ability to have amazing anticipation, coordination, and reflex. Because of the speed the car goes.

Tags: Amazing, Car, Mind

To race Formula three is very high risk and I am not going to take a chance. Thank god I am not doing it!

Tags: Chance, God, High

When I came to America Al Unser, Jr. was very difficult. And Bobby Unser.

Tags: Al, America, Difficult

I go to see grand prix every year, and I watch every race on TV for sure. I probably go to three or four CART races and three or four Formula One races.

Tags: Sure, Three, Year

There are many young talents in Brazil. There is a lot of hope in Felipe Massa. It is very difficult to judge him in his first year, but by the end of the end we are going to have a better position how he does in Formula One.

Tags: End, Hope, Judge

You are going in one second the length of a football field. That means you brain is receiving information from your body what the car is doing physically, bumping, balance, performance.

Tags: Brain, Car, Football

You had to decompress the pressure before the race. I taught my heart to relax. I lay down before the race. It gave me more energy just before the race.

Tags: Energy, Heart, Pressure

You have to visualize a second or two ahead of your car what line you are taking, what you are going to do, before you get there because it comes too fast.

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