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Emma Bunton's Profile

Brief about Emma Bunton: By info that we know Emma Bunton was born at 1976-01-10. And also Emma Bunton is British Musician.

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I think the way to keep a friendship is to respect that everybody is different.

Tags: Friendship, Keep, Respect

Be sweet, be good, and honest always.

Tags: Good, Honest, Sweet

My family brought me up to be very respectful of people.

Tags: Brought, Family, Respectful

Please ignore rumors! I've had them for years and you have to just let them go over your head. Don't take them personally.

Tags: Head, Ignore, Rumors

Be sweet and honest always, but for God's sake don't eat my doughnuts!

Tags: God, Honest, Sweet

Be yourself, take control of your life.

Tags: Control, Life, Yourself

I've become saucy.

Tags: Become, Saucy

I am a huge fan of Gwen Stefani.

Tags: Fan, Huge

I do have panic attacks every time I go on stage so I'm really not sure why I put myself through this.

Tags: Put, Time, Why

I do love a man who can cook.

Tags: Cook, Love

I don't think I will ever get tired of wearing pink.

Tags: Pink, Tired, Wearing

I love shopping, especially food shopping.

Tags: Food, Love, Shopping

I'm not a big sports fan, but I love it when they 'slam dunk.' That's sexy.

Tags: Love, Sexy, Sports

I'm not a pop star.

Tags: Pop, Star

I've got a Range Rover and a little Mercedes. I normally drive my Range Rover because I feel like a monster in it. Nobody messes with me.

Tags: Drive, Monster, Nobody

I love watching reality shows - I'm up to date with 'America's Next Top Model' and I love 'Project Runway.' But the shows where they're just sitting in a house aren't as fun to me!

Tags: Fun, Love, Reality

I think people recognize me if I am going out to dinner or if I am staying in a hotel. They are not quite sure at first because I have grown up a lot.

Tags: Dinner, Quite, Sure

Just being at home, growing up naturally, and being here now with my video and my music, I think people realize that I was in the Spice Girls 8 years ago.

Tags: Here, Home, Music

We're all doing different things and some of the girls are mums, so priorities have changed. But I would love to do something with the Spice Girls again. I know we would have an amazing time.

Tags: Amazing, Love, Time

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