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Ethan Embry's Profile

Brief about Ethan Embry: By info that we know Ethan Embry was born at 1978-06-13. And also Ethan Embry is American Actor.

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Real love is more than a physical feeling. If there's even the slightest doubt in your head about a guy, then forget about it. It's not real.

Tags: Feeling, Forget, Love

Everybody tries to be exactly the same. I think being an outsider is a good thing.

Tags: Everybody, Good, Outsider

For me, I've always taken being on a set as my school, because I've been working since I was ten.

Tags: School, Since, Working

I always play these rodent type characters - skittish and hyper like a chipmunk. It's a complete act though. I'm a very normal person.

Tags: Act, Normal, Though

I was home-schooled. But going to high school, I never would've been able to travel the U.S. or been able to do acting.

Tags: Acting, School, Travel

I went to public school for like, one day. I don't get it. Everybody tries to be exactly the same. I think being an outsider is a good thing.

Tags: Good, Public, School

The Exorcist doesn't get me, but The Omen does.

Tags: Exorcist

The first Matrix genius, the second one, what's up with the dancing? I haven't even seen the third one.

Tags: Genius, Second, Seen

You can't think about things you want to change. Just be yourself.

Tags: Change, Yourself

You just have to do your own thing, no matter what anyone says. It's your life.

Tags: Anyone, Life, Matter

Donner likes what he does and enjoys being on a set. He doesn't have to do it, its not like he has to make the rent. When I get to be his age and still enjoy what I'm doing like him, I'd be lucky.

Tags: Age, Enjoy, Him

If did go back to school, I would want to learn another aspect of the entertainment industry like to become a producer or an agent, you need a law degree.

Tags: Become, Law, School

When I finish a film, I like to drastically change my appearance. I get sick of looking at the same thing in the mirror for months at a time. So when a film's over, I'll do something like shave my head.

Tags: Change, Sick, Time

When I enrolled in college at age 19, I had a total of eight years of formal classroom education. As a result, I was not comfortable with formal lectures and receiving regular homework assignments.

Tags: Age, College, Education

The hardships that I encountered in the past will help me succeed in the future.

Tags: Future, Motivational, Past

Nigeria is a West African nation of over 100 million energetic people. It is endowed with lots of natural resources but lacks human resources.

Tags: Human, Nation, Natural

Adversities such as being homeless and going to prison has made many people stronger.

Tags: Homeless, Prison, Stronger

Because I believe that humans are computers, I conjectured that computers, like people, can have left- and right-handed versions.

Tags: Computers, Humans, Versions

Eighty percent of Americans with HIV do not know they are infected.

Tags: Eighty, Hiv, Percent

Briefly, to program it requires an absolute understanding of how all 65,536 processors are interconnected.

Tags: Absolute, Program, Requires
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