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Eydie Gorme's Profile

Brief about Eydie Gorme: By info that we know Eydie Gorme was born at 1931-08-16. And also Eydie Gorme is American Musician.

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There are so many questions to be answered and so many personal compliments that we appreciate so very much.

Tags: Appreciate, Personal, Questions

A lot of the really great stuff fell between the tracks.

Tags: Between, Great, Stuff

Everything has changed. The flying changed. The airports have changed.

Tags: Changed, Flying

I don't like schools. And I mean, you have to call on all your friends to get them into their schools.

Tags: Call, Friends, Mean

I had a lot of what they call turntable hits. A lot of them.

Tags: Call, Hits, Turntable

I learned my phrasing from Frank. I loved him so much.

Tags: Him, Learned, Loved

My voice right now, hey, listen. I don't know how long it's going to last.

Tags: Last, Listen, Voice

Now we have an audience that is so very eclectic. Big, tremendous fans.

Tags: Audience, Big, Fans

Right now, my voice is better than ever. It changed. I have better low notes than I had before.

Tags: Changed, Notes, Voice

So many have been growing with us from the very beginning of our career. Others are brand new to us.

Tags: Beginning, Career, Others

Steve has the most unbelievable range for a man that I've ever heard.

Tags: Heard, Range, Steve

There was one year that I was on the road.

Tags: Road, Year

We never heard of tape. Everything was live, live, live.

Tags: Heard, Tape

We never rehearsed.

Tags: Act, Schubert, Theater

We were with Frank as part of his very last tour.

Tags: Frank, Last, Tour

Before we got married, I had tremendous ambition. Once we got married and I started having children, then I just thought that that was my real life. Steve was definitely more ambitious than I.

Tags: Children, Life, Real

I felt we really couldn't be separated that much. I'd had a baby, and I was traveling and working alone while he was in the Army. It was very difficult-the phone calls and all of that. I really was very depressed.

Tags: Alone, While, Working

It was very hard for all of us. It's still very hard. The anniversary of his death just passed, and every single one of his friends, still, after all these years... it's unbelievable.

Tags: Death, Hard, Single

When he came back from downtown, he had forgotten to bring his license, his identification, the $2 for the wedding license. So we got married two days later.

Tags: Days, Married, Wedding
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