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Frederick Wiseman's Profile

Brief about Frederick Wiseman: By info that we know Frederick Wiseman was born at 1930-01-01. And also Frederick Wiseman is American Director.

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Anybody whose mind is functioning at all can't be content with the way the world works.

Tags: Anybody, Content, Mind

Whether you're a newspaper journalist, a lawyer, a doctor. You have to organize your thoughts.

Tags: Doctor, Thoughts, Whether

I don't like to read novels where the novelist tells me what to think about the situation and the characters. I prefer to discover for myself.

Tags: Characters, Read, Situation

My goal is to make as many films as possible about different aspects of American life.

Tags: American, Goal, Life

I hope that not only my documentaries, but everybody's documentaries, last. It will really confuse historians in the next century, because they'll have, in addition to all the print material, they'll have all these pictures to look at.

Tags: Everybody, Hope, Last

You have to edit the material. That assumes that some kind of a mind is operating in relation to the material. Not all minds are the same. Every aspect of filmmaking requires choice. The selection of the subject, the shooting, editing and length are all aspects of choice.

Tags: Choice, Mind, Minds

As society evolves, people are interested in a new take on an old beloved story.

Tags: Old, Society, Story

I was into comic books as a kid.

Tags: Books, Comic, Kid

I'm used to comic books being reimagined, different takes on some of our beloved superheroes.

Tags: Books, Takes, Used

Science fiction is an extension of science.

Tags: Extension, Fiction, Science

Some people will always be disappointed.

Tags: Character, Movies, Time

I'm not saying anything that's unknown, but movies are always cut down and there's a lot of complexity within the film that is not always widely accepted by the general audience, which is just a reality; a movie of a certain size, they don't want people to be too - it's a balance of how deep to keep going with these ideas.

Tags: Deep, Movies, Saying

Sometimes bullies are your friends and very rarely do bullying prevention tips acknowledge this fact or what to do about it.

Tags: Fact, Friends, Sometimes

As a teacher myself I've been in situations where parents come at you, and sometimes parents come across like the teacher doesn't want the best for their kid and it can be really, really hurtful.

Tags: Best, Parents, Teacher

Well, I think having your kids see you role model behavior of dignity when it's hard, when you're upset, when you want to confront somebody but you don't want to and you're nervous about it, when you are having moments where abuse of power is coming on to you. I think it's really important for kids to see how you handle that.

Tags: Hard, Kids, Power

As an expert, I can deal with complex problems. As a mother it is much, much harder.

Tags: Deal, Mother, Problems

Being a parent does not give you an excuse for bad manners.

Tags: Bad, Give, Parent

Boys and boys' body image and clothes have become just as important an issue for boys as for girls.

Tags: Become, Body, Image

By the time a child reaches out to an adult, the vast majority of kids have been dealing with the bullying and trying to ignore it for a long time.

Tags: Ignore, Time, Trying

Communicating a passionate response to world events is no longer limited to protests and rallies.

Tags: Events, Longer, Passionate