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George Gurdjieff's Profile

Brief about George Gurdjieff: By info that we know George Gurdjieff was born at 1970-01-01. And also George Gurdjieff is Armenian Philosopher.

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A man is never the same for long. He is continually changing. He seldom remains the same even for half an hour.

Tags: Changing, Half, Hour

Laughter relieves us of superfluous energy, which, if it remained unused, might become negative, that is, poison. Laughter is the antidote.

Tags: Energy, Laughter, Negative

Religion is doing; a man does not merely think his religion or feel it, he lives his religion as much as he is able, otherwise it is not religion but fantasy or philosophy.

Tags: Able, Philosophy, Religion

Without struggle, no progress and no result. Every breaking of habit produces a change in the machine.

Tags: Change, Progress, Struggle

A man can only attain knowledge with the help of those who possess it. This must be understood from the very beginning. One must learn from him who knows.

Tags: Help, Him, Knowledge

A mother's job... is very much to hold back the coming of manhood.

Tags: Coming, Job, Mother

All over the world when you test men and women for facial cue recognition, women test... better. It's a negotiation tool.

Tags: Men, Test, Women

Father's Day is hopefully a time when the culture says, 'This is our moment to look at who our men and boys are.'

Tags: Father, Men, Time

I don't think anyone disagrees that male and female brains work differently.

Tags: Anyone, Brains, Work

If we create a generation of men who aren't getting an education, that's bad for women.

Tags: Education, Men, Women

Making fun of guys to get them to perform and prove themselves, that's always going to exist. But we have to equally celebrate them and empower them.

Tags: Fun, Making, Themselves

Most teachers are not trained in how boys and girls learn differently.

Tags: Learn, Teachers, Trained

There is no single way to educate.

Tags: Educate, Single

Without fathers you would have no civilization.

Tags: Fathers

A lot of women will be sort of 'competitive like a guy' in the workplace, but then when they go home, they realize that's not fully authentic for them. They would like to have a more expansive or more authentic relationship in the workplace around competition.

Tags: Home, Realize, Women

Classrooms keep getting set up more and more around the verbal and less around the kinesthetic and active. They are increasingly becoming environments that favour the girls' brain.

Tags: Brain, Getting, Keep

If we want boys to succeed, we need to bring them back to education by making education relevant to them and bring in more service learning and vocational education.

Tags: Education, Learning, Service

Our contemporary society is experimenting with the diminishment of caregivers for children. Some children are raised through crucial stages of life by only one person. This one person, who strives to give the best, may be overwhelmed, busy, trying to raise many children. And even in homes with two parents, many children are essentially alone.

Tags: Best, Life, Society

Soul development depends on attachment and bonding. Every brain and body is genetically wired to develop itself, but the full soul development of brain and body depends on each child receiving the care of between two and five completely bonded caregivers.

Tags: Brain, Care, Soul

The human community and individual people are more likely to hurt or undernourish children they think of as 'bodies' to be used. Cultures and people are more likely to raise children to be mere economic interns rather than fully developed humans if they see children as 'bodies' to be forced into certain economic and social molds.

Tags: Children, Human, Hurt
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