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Gregory Harrison's Profile

Brief about Gregory Harrison: By info that we know Gregory Harrison was born at 1950-05-31. And also Gregory Harrison is American Actor.

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Actually I have been singing since I was a kid.

Tags: Actually, Since, Singing

Brian and I got cast out of that show into Trapper John, M. D.

Tags: Brian, Cast, Show

Honestly, when I got to Hollywood I was trying to sell my songs.

Tags: Hollywood, Songs, Trying

I didn't feel compromised as an actor, and allowed other people's fingerprints all over that aspect.

Tags: Actor, Allowed, Aspect

I have kept a part of Catalina Productions going, through which I develop a few projects just for me.

Tags: Develop, Few, Kept

I have to be very careful about how often I drag my family to places. They need some stability in their lives.

Tags: Family, Lives, Often

I learned to play guitar at a young age and converted poems and stuff that I had written to songs.

Tags: Age, Guitar, Learned

It was the first time that I was on Broadway, and I got to run as fast as I could to keep up. And I loved it!

Tags: Keep, Loved, Time

Then when I got to Hollywood, the first musical I did was Festival in 1977.

Tags: Festival, Hollywood, Musical

What I ended up doing was becoming an actor who didn't mind doing other people's words.

Tags: Actor, Mind, Words

7th Heaven is quite a hit for them now, and they are hoping to appeal to a very similar audience with our show; skewed slightly older I guess, since it's a 9:00 to 10:00 show.

Tags: Older, Show, Since

And that's the mistake that was made with Steel Pier. Roger was caught between a rock and hard place. It would have cost a couple of million dollars more to take it to Boston or someplace first. So we opened about a month too early.

Tags: Hard, Place, Rock

But I always held my music up and protected it from compromise. So I just do it for my friends. I've written hundreds of songs, and I'm sure I have a few albums worth of songs.

Tags: Few, Friends, Music

But I can't wait to watch the Tonys this Sunday. I'm really glad Broadway is doing so well this year, especially with its straight plays. It's been a wonderful year.

Tags: Sunday, Wait, Wonderful

But we were doing plays and movies which I had nothing to do with other than being a producer, and I don't have that kind of interest or time any more.

Tags: Interest, Movies, Time

I directed an episode of Touched by an Angel a couple of months ago, and I will be doing more of that. I just like to keep a bit of variety going; it keeps things interesting.

Tags: Angel, Bit, Keep

I got a series with the WB next year. We start shooting in July. It's going to be called Safe Harbor, and it's an hour show. It's a Spelling show and will follow 7th Heaven.

Tags: Show, Start, Year

I had done a lot of plays, particularly at my own theater in LA, and it was the first time in my theatrical life where I didn't feel that my role was also to keep everybody else working hard.

Tags: Hard, Life, Time

I have a big family and had to move them all from the coast of Oregon to New York three times for the workshops and for the actual production itself, which had about a four month development rehearsal schedule.

Tags: Big, Family, Times

I have four kids; three girls and a boy. The oldest girl is 13, and has her own social life now, so there's a bit of begrudging cooperation there. It's tough.

Tags: Girl, Life, Tough