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Harry Crosby's Profile

Brief about Harry Crosby: By info that we know Harry Crosby was born at 1970-01-01. And also Harry Crosby is American Writer.

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I have invited our little seamstress to take her thread and needle and sew our two mouths together.

Tags: Her, Thread, Together

I have asked the village blacksmith to forge golden chains to tie our ankles together. I have gathered all the gay ribbons in the world to wind around and around and around and around and around and around again around our two waists.

Tags: Again, Gay, Together

Though we hear various reports of his existence we can never find the young wizard who is able so they say to graft the soul of a girl to the soul of her lover so that not even the sharp scissors of the Fates can ever sever them apart.

Tags: Girl, Soul, Young

To let politics become a cesspool, and then avoid it because it is a cesspool, is a double crime.

Tags: Become, Crime, Politics

A wisely chosen illustration is almost essential to fasten the truth upon the ordinary mind, and no teacher can afford to neglect this part of his preparation.

Tags: Mind, Teacher, Truth

The great unity which true science seeks is found only by beginning with our knowledge of God, and coming down from Him along the stream of causation to every fact and event that affects us.

Tags: God, Great, Knowledge