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Heather Matarazzo's Profile

Brief about Heather Matarazzo: By info that we know Heather Matarazzo was born at 1982-11-10. And also Heather Matarazzo is American Actress.

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I did get bullied and I did get picked on and I did have that feeling in my gut of being incredibly self-conscious. I naturally gravitated towards my elders because I didn't know how to speak or be present with my peers.

Tags: Feeling, Present, Speak

Honestly, there was a time after I came out that I really did not think I would be working again.

Tags: After, Time, Working

I don't really prepare for roles. I just kind of do them!

Tags: Prepare, Roles

I feel that I've been very fortunate in the films that I have gotten and that I've chosen to do.

Tags: Chosen, Films, Fortunate

I just have a belief that when there is a rare script out there that speaks to you, you have to stick with it. You have to.

Tags: Belief, Rare, Stick

I seek out good work.

Tags: Good, Seek, Work

I smile so much at the theater my face hurts when I leave.

Tags: Hurts, Leave, Smile

I will say that my personal business is my personal business. And I will leave it at that.

Tags: Business, Leave, Personal

I would love to do a musical so hopefully I will be blessed with doing one.

Tags: Blessed, Love, Musical

I'm 100 percent Irish by birth, grew up Italian, and yet I constantly get cast as playing Jewish.

Tags: Irish, Percent, Playing

I've been given so much, and if I can just give back a tenth of what I've been given, then it's all worth it.

Tags: Give, Worth

If I was just considered a looker and wasn't considered an actor, where would I be in 10 or 20 years from now?

Tags: Actor, Considered

It doesn't matter if a critic pans or praises my movies, I am only concerned about that one audience member and what their experience is.

Tags: Experience, Matter, Movies

It doesn't matter what medium I perform, I just love to perform in general, if it's good work.

Tags: Good, Love, Work

It's good to get out of the closet and talk about it and find out other people's views.

Tags: Good, Talk, Views

My eyes and spirit have opened up since I found someone that I get to share my life with.

Tags: Eyes, Life, Someone

So the characters that I choose, I like to make sure that they have depth and that they have some sort of bite. It's more fun.

Tags: Choose, Fun, Sure

There is going to be a hundred thousand doors slammed in your face before one opens, so feel ok about taking rejection.

Tags: Face, Rejection, Taking

There's another girl who was going to play Hilary Faye and luckily she wound up not doing it.

Tags: Another, Girl, She

They don't teach you just how to be in school. There's no class on that. There's no multiple choice test for Why Do I Feel This Way?

Tags: Choice, School, Why