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Henry Cabot Lodge's Profile

Brief about Henry Cabot Lodge: By info that we know Henry Cabot Lodge was born at 1970-01-01. And also Henry Cabot Lodge is American Politician.

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Our ideal is to make her ever stronger and better and finer, because in that way alone, as we believe, can she be of the greatest service to the world's peace and to the welfare of mankind.

Tags: Alone, Greatest, Peace

She has great problems of her own to solve, very grim and perilous problems, and a right solution, if we can attain to it, would largely benefit mankind.

Tags: Great, Her, Problems

Standing, as I believe the United States stands for humanity and civilization, we should exercise every influence of our great country to put a stop to that war which is now raging in Cuba and give to that island once more peace, liberty, and independence.

Tags: Great, Peace, War

The Pilgrim and the Puritan whom we honor tonight were men who did a great deal of work in the world. They had their faults and their - shortcomings, but they were not slothful in business and they were most fervent in spirit.

Tags: Great, Men, Work

The time given to athletic contests and the injuries incurred on the playing field are part of the price which the English-speaking race has paid for being world conquerors.

Tags: Playing, Race, Time

The United States is the world's best hope, but if you fetter her in the interests and quarrels of other nations, if you tangle her in the intrigues of Europe, you will destroy her power for good and endanger her very existence.

Tags: Best, Good, Power

Washington's entire honesty of mind and his fearless look into the face of all facts are qualities which can never go out of fashion and which we should all do well to imitate.

Tags: Fashion, Honesty, Mind

Whatever may be said as to our relations to some other countries, I think the relations of this country to Spain offer no ties of gratitude or of blood.

Tags: Country, Gratitude, May

You may call me selfish if you will, conservative or reactionary, or use any other harsh adjective you see fit to apply, but an American I was born, an American I have remained all my life.

Tags: Life, May, Selfish

Beware how you trifle with your marvelous inheritance, this great land of ordered liberty, for if we stumble and fall, freedom and civilization everywhere will go down in ruin.

Tags: Freedom, Great, Liberty

Strong, generous, and confident, she has nobly served mankind. Beware how you trifle with your marvellous inheritance, this great land of ordered liberty, for if we stumble and fall freedom and civilization everywhere will go down in ruin.

Tags: Freedom, Great, Strong

We would not have our country's vigour exhausted or her moral force abated, by everlasting meddling and muddling in every quarrel, great and small, which afflicts the world.

Tags: Country, Great, Small

Animosity is not a policy.

Tags: Animosity, Policy

For we, too, have our ideals, even if we differ from those who have tried to establish a monopoly of idealism.

Tags: Idealism, Ideals, Tried

I have loved but one flag and I can not share that devotion and give affection to the mongrel banner invented for the League of Nations.

Tags: Give, Loved, Share

I would rather see the United States respected than loved by other nations.

Tags: Loved, Rather, United

Lincoln did more than any other man to put the stamp of righteousness, to put the stamp of compassion, on the name of America.

Tags: America, Compassion, Put

Our ideal of the future is that she should continue to render that service of her own free will.

Tags: Free, Future, Service

Recognition of belligerency as an expression of sympathy is all very well.

Tags: Expression, Sympathy

The independence of the United States is not only more precious to ourselves but to the world than any single possession.

Tags: Ourselves, Single, United
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