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Henry Giroux's Profile

Brief about Henry Giroux: By info that we know Henry Giroux was born at 1943-09-18. And also Henry Giroux is American Critic.

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Collective freedom is one devoid of material bondage and one that supports the institutions necessary for democracy.

Tags: Democracy, Freedom, Necessary

Angela Davis's legacy as a freedom fighter made her an enemy of the state under the increasingly neoliberal regimes of Nixon, Reagan and J. Edgar Hoover because she understood that the struggle for freedom was not only a struggle for political and individual rights but also for economic rights.

Tags: Enemy, Freedom, Struggle

Collective freedom provides the basic conditions for people to narrate their own lives, hold power accountable, and embrace a capacious notion of human dignity.

Tags: Freedom, Human, Power

What is invaluable about Angela Davis' work is that she does not limit her politics to issues removed from broader social considerations, but connects every aspect of her scholarship and public interventions to what the contours of a truly democratic society might look like.

Tags: Politics, Society, Work
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