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Henry Hopper's Profile

Brief about Henry Hopper: By info that we know Henry Hopper was born at 1990-09-11. And also Henry Hopper is American Actor.

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I don't want to be in a movie with 20 minutes of dialogue and then stand around while the robots start explosions.

Tags: Stand, Start, While

I resisted being an actor for some time.

Tags: Actor, Resisted, Time

I see myself as a creative being. My only fear is compromising my integrity. I guess that's a constant struggle.

Tags: Fear, Integrity, Struggle

I'm no romantic, surfing, California boy. I like reading, writing, philosophizing. Scheming. I've been doing some exploration of the inner space.

Tags: Reading, Romantic, Writing

I've learned almost everything I know about acting from my dad.

Tags: Acting, Dad, Learned

While I'm here on this planet, I really want to create art and do creative things.

Tags: Art, Creative, Here

You can very easily be turned into a commodity. I've grown up with it.

Tags: Commodity, Grown, Turned

Film is something that reaches so many people. How many people are going to go into a gallery? And understand what they're seeing? I think about the guy walking down the street, the guy who drove me here - this guy has the opportunity to go the cinema.

Tags: Film, Here, Understand