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Jack Klugman's Profile

Brief about Jack Klugman: By info that we know Jack Klugman was born at 1922-04-27. And also Jack Klugman is American Actor.

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I always loved to gamble. I never got close to a horse. Fate dealt me a terrible blow when it gave me a good horse the first time out. I thought how easy this is. Now I love being around them.

Tags: Good, Love, Time

Poverty can teach lessons that privilege cannot.

Tags: Cannot, Poverty, Teach

A world without Tony Randall is a world that I cannot recognize.

Tags: Cannot, Recognize, Tony

For 50 years, acting was the reason I got up in the morning.

Tags: Acting, Morning, Reason

I saw John Garfield smoke. He was my idol, so I smoked. I even smoked like him.

Tags: Him, Idol, Smoke

I was at the pinnacle of my career one day and the next day I was put out to pasture. I felt like a race horse with a broken leg.

Tags: Broken, Career, Put

Now I have the voice of a 16-year-old. I'm looking for a doctor who could give me the body of a 16-year-old.

Tags: Body, Give, Looking

We treat old people so badly. There is nothing easy about 80.

Tags: Easy, Old, Treat
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