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Jack Markell's Profile

Brief about Jack Markell: By info that we know Jack Markell was born at 1960-11-26. And also Jack Markell is American Politician.

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As governor, I'm spending my time focused in three areas: creating jobs, reducing the expense of government and schools.

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But I'm a big believer that government does not have a monopoly on good ideas.

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Delaware is the only state east of the Rockies that is allowed under federal law to offer sports betting.

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My focus on the budget, though, has played second fiddle to what I believe is even more important - creating jobs.

Tags: Focus, Second, Though

So, for me the town hall meetings are really an opportunity to engage in two-way dialogue with people, and they've been very helpful.

Tags: Dialogue, Helpful, Town

The number of business leaders who asked me to lower their taxes can be counted on one hand.

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As one of the first employees at a small cellular phone start-up called Nextel, I gained firsthand experience in how a business grows from an idea to a company that, at its peak, employed many thousands.

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My own experience, though, as a business executive and as a governor, tells me that businesses are interested in a lot more than a low tax rate when they decide where to locate.

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