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Jean Stafford's Profile

Brief about Jean Stafford: By info that we know Jean Stafford was born at 1915-07-01. And also Jean Stafford is American Writer.

Some Jean Stafford's quotes. Goto "Jean Stafford's quotation" section for more.

A small silence came between us, as precise as a picture hanging on the wall.

Tags: Between, Silence, Small

For all practical purposes I left home when I was 7.

Tags: Home, Left, Practical

For me, there is nothing worse than the knowledge that my life holds nothing for me but being a writer.

Tags: Knowledge, Life, Writer

From time to time, I need a rest from the exercitation of my intellect.

Tags: Intellect, Rest, Time

He does what I have always needed to have done to me, and that is that he dominates me.

Tags: Done, Needed

I am growing meaner by the hour.

Tags: Growing, Hour, Meaner

Irony, I feel, is a very high form of morality.

Tags: High, Irony, Morality

You say that you hope I will be recognized as the best novelist of my generation. I want you to know now and know completely that that would mean to me absolutely nothing.

Tags: Best, Hope, Mean

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