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Jessica Cutler's Profile

Brief about Jessica Cutler: By info that we know Jessica Cutler was born at 1978-05-18. And also Jessica Cutler is American Author.

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There's no point in living in an alternate reality.

Tags: Living, Point, Reality

They'll totally hire me if I say I got fired from my job on the Hill because of a sex scandal.

Tags: Fired, Job, Sex

Everyone should have a blog. It's the most democratic thing ever.

Tags: Blog, Democratic, Everyone

I always feel like I'm missing out on something, that someone is having more fun than I am, so I take measures to make sure that is impossible.

Tags: Fun, Impossible, Someone

I don't want the IRS banging down my door.

Tags: Banging, Door, Irs

If you don't like or care about your job, what's the big deal?

Tags: Big, Care, Job

If you don't like or care about your job, what's the big deal? I am so over it.

Tags: Big, Care, Job

If you want to do what you want to do, you have to look a certain way.

Tags: Bar, Lights, Loser

New York is where you go to catch a big fish.

Tags: Big, Fish, York

Normal people have sex lives of their own to worry about.

Tags: Lives, Sex, Worry

Some people with blogs are never going to get famous, and they've been doing it for, like, over a year. I feel bad for them.

Tags: Bad, Famous, Year

You kind of create your own moral universe. It's like, well, I like myself. If other people don't like me, then whatever. I'm out of here.

Tags: Here, Moral, Universe

I always regarded people who want fame with a lot of suspicion. Unless you have a product to sell, I don't know why anyone would want to be famous. I can't imagine what need that would fill.

Tags: Anyone, Famous, Why

In real life, people are constantly saying one thing and doing another, but if you write your characters that way, the story becomes too hard to follow.

Tags: Life, Real, Saying

It's amazing to me that people have any interest in such a low-level sex scandal. If I were sleeping with a congressman, maybe, but I'm a nobody and the people I'm writing about are nobodies.

Tags: Amazing, Sex, Writing

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