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Joe Nichols's Profile

Brief about Joe Nichols: By info that we know Joe Nichols was born at 1976-11-26. And also Joe Nichols is American Musician.

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I think it's really important for people to hear what our men and women in the military have to say.

Tags: Men, Military, Women

I think the Lord gives us everything we can handle, nothing more.

Tags: Gives, Handle, Lord

I wanted to make a traditional record that had a lot of art and showed my vulnerable side and showed things I'm passionate about.

Tags: Art, Side, Wanted

I was probably nine or ten the first time I heard there was no Santa Claus.

Tags: Heard, Santa, Time

I would never do anything that makes the perception of country music worse.

Tags: Country, Makes, Music

I'm a traditional country singer and we're always trying to make that a fresh and modern sound. That's always going to be the challenge with me.

Tags: Challenge, Country, Trying

I'm proud to have so many great friends at country radio who believe in what I do - thanks to all of them.

Tags: Country, Friends, Great

My first record deal was an independent record deal back in 1995 or early 1996.

Tags: Deal, Early

Performing for the Dalai Lama - those are words I never imagined coming out of my mouth.

Tags: Coming, Mouth, Words

Sometimes as an artist you get wrapped up in what you are doing and you can't be objective.

Tags: Artist, Objective, Sometimes

Sometimes you have to listen to other people, and see what the audiences want. That's what entertaining is about.

Tags: Audiences, Listen, Sometimes

The passion for doing music, the passion that I have for going out and playing it live - my love for country music is back.

Tags: Love, Music, Passion

The risks are 'How country can you go?' rather than 'How rock can you take it?'

Tags: Country, Rather, Rock

We have a good opportunity to be good parents right now.

Tags: Good, Parents

When you find great songs, and somehow you get a spark in a little way, it can become brand new.

Tags: Become, Great, Songs

Winning the ACM, winning the CMA, my first time on the Opry and having Grammy nominations were all a big deal to me.

Tags: Big, Time, Winning

You have to believe that things can be bigger than what you see in front of you in order to move forward.

Tags: Forward, Move, Order

You know, I can be the happiest man in the world with minimal record success.

Tags: Happiest, Minimal, Success

I'm big into fishing, but I've never been much of a hunter. I never was really raised around it a whole lot, so I never got a chance to do it a whole lot.

Tags: Big, Chance, Whole

Learning how to relive again on life's terms sure doesn't do much for your confidence. You have to kind of walk in faith that the next step is going to be just a little bit better than the last step.

Tags: Faith, Learning, Life
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