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Karen Morley's Profile

Brief about Karen Morley: By info that we know Karen Morley was born at 1909-12-12. And also Karen Morley is American Actress.

Some Karen Morley's quotes. Goto "Karen Morley's quotation" section for more.

I was blacklisted because of this activity, so I'm not a typical anything.

Tags: Activity, Typical

And I spoke out on women's rights, like equal pay for equal work.

Tags: Rights, Women, Work

Ford made some of the most progressive pictures.

Tags: Ford, Pictures

From that time on, I always had the studios on my neck.

Tags: Neck, Studios, Time

I did Our Daily Bread for King and that made me popular in the Soviet Union; King was amused by that.

Tags: Daily, King, Union

I don't like giving speeches - I enjoy sitting on my rump.

Tags: Enjoy, Giving, Sitting

I would have tested the furniture if they'd asked me.

Tags: Asked, Furniture, Tested

It was all men, and there I was prancing around in gowns that barely got past the censors.

Tags: Gowns, Men, Past

I became a Communist because I fell in love with a man who was a Red and entered the Army to take care of the Fascists, and I knew it would please him if I became one.

Tags: Care, Him, Love

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