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Katie Finneran's Profile

Brief about Katie Finneran: By info that we know Katie Finneran was born at 1971-01-22. And also Katie Finneran is American Actress.

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I don't feel like I need a break from the theater, ever.

Tags: Break, Theater

I know how to tell a story to a thousand people. Sometimes I don't know how to tell a story to a piece of tape on a wall and a camera.

Tags: Sometimes, Story, Tell

I love characters songs and I love to fit into a story. I love singing through a character's journey.

Tags: Character, Love, Story

I love the theater so much, and it's where I feel most comfortable. I love the people and the community.

Tags: Community, Love, Theater

I would love to go back to Broadway.

Tags: Broadway, Love

My two favorite musicals growing up in were 'Annie' and 'Sweeney Todd,' and my best friend and I would sing all the songs when I was a kid.

Tags: Best, Friend, Growing

I love singing and I think I have a really nice voice, but I don't think I have an unbelievable singing voice. I think I have a great character voice.

Tags: Great, Love, Nice

I really feel that the thing that I love the most about my career is that it is so eclectic. You know, I've gone from so many genres and so many different mediums and I love that most - that people have always given me the chance to do vastly different things.

Tags: Career, Chance, Love

You can go to the Internet and know more than your mom in two seconds. It's crazy how fast teenagers have knowledge and information these days. So, I think it's harder to say, 'Your father and I know more than you.'

Tags: Crazy, Knowledge, Mom
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