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Keir Dullea's Profile

Brief about Keir Dullea: By info that we know Keir Dullea was born at 1936-05-30. And also Keir Dullea is American Actor.

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I play a recurring role for a character named Doctor Imo. I assist the villain and show up from time to time.

Tags: Character, Show, Time

I think the life we are living now is just a blink in the eye of eternity.

Tags: Eye, Life, Living

Kubrick never explained the ending to us, or what his intentions were. He didn't intend for it to be a predictable film.

Tags: Ending, Film, Intentions

For me the most moving moment came when I first started working on 2001. I was already in awe of him, and he had very much already become Stanley Kubrick by the time the film started.

Tags: Him, Moving, Time
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