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Kelly Lynch's Profile

Brief about Kelly Lynch: By info that we know Kelly Lynch was born at 1959-01-31. And also Kelly Lynch is American Actress.

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Well, I'm a consumer as well. I go to the movies with my popcorn and believe everything I see.

Tags: Consumer, Movies, Popcorn

You know, I change my hair color a lot, I do all sorts of different things.

Tags: Change, Color, Hair

You learn your text and have it in the back of your head, without a thought as to how you're going to say it.

Tags: Head, Learn, Thought

You look at Gone With the Wind, how right Vivian Leigh was for that. Don't know if that would happen today.

Tags: Happen, Today, Wind

That's where I got my start and where I'll continue to work, but I can't tell you the number of films between Drugstore Cowboy and Curly Sue that I auditioned for and wanted that didn't choose me.

Tags: Between, Wanted, Work

Yeah, I do feel badly sometimes, not for whose coming up and getting roles I'm not right for anymore but the people I compete with, who range from Uma Thurman on up.

Tags: Coming, Getting, Sometimes

In their 30s women really start to live... they're not children anymore, and they're not just mothers.

Tags: Children, Start, Women

I just think we're living in a time of massive, amazing change, like the Industrial Revolution on acid.

Tags: Amazing, Change, Time

All I really want to do is entertain people out there sitting in the dark and for them to believe it.

Tags: Dark, Entertain, Sitting

And sometimes I do films so my daughter can see me work.

Tags: Films, Sometimes, Work

But actors at a certain point take the best of what's available to them.

Tags: Available, Best, Point

Cause I won't repeat myself, the way I dress and look.

Tags: Cause, Dress, Won

I can't wait til I get the chance to be a character and how my face looks isn't the first consideration.

Tags: Chance, Character, Wait

I do come shackled with whatever people think I am.

Tags: Shackled, Whatever

I don't care what people's myths are about me.

Tags: Care, Myths

I like to show as much of a woman as I can. I like to fill things out.

Tags: Fill, Show, Woman

I make a good living and I've never looked at myself as being an artiste.

Tags: Good, Living, Looked

I mean, I always feel incredibly lucky to get a job.

Tags: Job, Lucky, Mean

I think right now in the world we're feeling like there's no solid ground beneath our feet, you know?

Tags: Feeling, Feet, Ground

I've been overwhelmed; I was a single mother for a time.

Tags: Mother, Single, Time

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