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Kenan Thompson's Profile

Brief about Kenan Thompson: By info that we know Kenan Thompson was born at 1978-05-10. And also Kenan Thompson is American Comedian.

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I'm a happy person, and I want everybody else to be happy. Nothing wrong with that.

Tags: Else, Happy, Wrong

I always just want to do non-typical voices for some reason.

Tags: Reason, Voices

I owe a lot to Nickelodeon.

Tags: Owe

I was a good student in school.

Tags: Good, School, Student

I was always pretty funny with my friends.

Tags: Friends, Funny, Pretty

Kids have awkward moments.

Tags: Awkward, Kids, Moments

My immediate family is real close-knit.

Tags: Family, Immediate, Real

Never thought I'd be a bobble-head, but little did I know.

Tags: Thought

There's a lot of pressure on kids, period, just to be successful in life.

Tags: Kids, Life, Successful

I want to get into producing and writing more for myself - setting up my own films and seeing what kind of personal touch I can put on movies, as opposed to just being in them.

Tags: Movies, Put, Writing
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