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Kevin Durant's Profile

Brief about Kevin Durant: By info that we know Kevin Durant was born at 1988-09-29. And also Kevin Durant is American Athlete.

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When people are used to you doing something, they want you to stay in that lane.

Tags: Lane, Stay, Used

You know, I don't want to stand out too much.

Tags: Stand

You know, I think more people should watch women's basketball. It'd do so much for the game.

Tags: Basketball, Game, Women

I can score the basketball, but I think I can pass pretty well or I can make the correct pass. I'm not the type of guy who's just going to throw the ball inbounds to a guy who's wide open. I can make the right pass.

Tags: Basketball, Guy, Pretty

I feel good doing it. It's not like guys are stripping me at half-court or I'm just losing the ball dribbling. I think I'm handling the ball pretty well, just trying to make good passes, man.

Tags: Good, Pretty, Trying

I like something simple and traditional, like dinner and a movie. The best way to get to know someone is to have a conversation over dinner. And steak houses have a nice atmosphere - the lights are dim, and they usually have a band playing.

Tags: Best, Nice, Simple

I was just a big fan of tattoos always growing up, and I wanted something cool that symbolizes what I've been through in my life, and everything on my chest and my back is like a collage.

Tags: Big, Cool, Life

People always think women meet us in the hotel lobby, but it's the opposite. The majority of the time, you go out to eat with your teammates, then rest for the next day's game. It's not a vacation - most guys view the road as a business trip.

Tags: Business, Time, Women

The clothes are not making me... If I like it, that's all that matters...It's not about the clothes. It's about how I am as a person and how confident I am.

Tags: Clothes, Making, Matters

You hear all these stories about, 'There's one in a million guys that make it to the NBA and stay there.' To see people cheering for me and when they say my name, it's just crazy. It's still crazy to me.

Tags: Crazy, Hear, Name

I'm busy working on every aspect of my game - defense, shooting, rebounding - but I really want to become a better overall team player. Help my teammates become better players out on the court in order to win more ball games.

Tags: Busy, Game, Help

I'm not a guy that's going to brag or feel like I'm better than the group.

Tags: Brag, Group, Guy

With everything I do, I just try to be myself.

Tags: Try

I'm just trying to grow. That's one thing I told myself is, 'Don't worry about who people say is the best player.'

Tags: Best, Trying, Worry

My time is now.

Tags: Time

Everything has been such a whirlwind ever since I stepped foot in the league and everything has been like a dream, so I'm just blessed to be in this position.

Tags: Blessed, Dream, Since

Every memory I had growing up was involving a basketball. I didn't go to the prom and stuff like that. It was always basketball for me.

Tags: Basketball, Growing, Memory

I always want to win because I never want to sit out on the sidelines outside.

Tags: Outside, Sit, Win

I don't know what I'm going to do tomorrow. I just know for sure I'm going to keep playing basketball.

Tags: Basketball, Keep, Tomorrow

I feel as though I've proved myself these last five years that I can be one of the top players in the league.

Tags: Last, Though, Top
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