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Kevin McCloud's Profile

Brief about Kevin McCloud: By info that we know Kevin McCloud was born at 1959-05-08. And also Kevin McCloud is British Designer.

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Life involves other people and it is a compromise.

Tags: Compromise, Involves, Life

Luckily I have never missed a day's filming or work due to asthma.

Tags: Filming, Missed, Work

My father, an engineer, was the gentlest man I knew.

Tags: Engineer, Father, Knew

My favourite authors include Trollope and Dickens.

Tags: Authors, Dickens, Favourite

One mustn't mistake bling for excellence, just as one mustn't mistake quiet for mediocre.

Tags: Excellence, Mistake, Quiet

Self-builders are the adrenalin junkies of the DIY world; it's the equivalent of base-jumping off the top of the Gherkin to land in a paddling pool.

Tags: Land, Off, Top

The more of your private life you put into the public domain, the smaller your private life becomes.

Tags: Life, Public, Put

The thing that I champion is sustainability. My terror is that suddenly we see it as a luxury, not an essential. That's a danger.

Tags: Champion, Danger, Essential

There's no reason for your imagination to be fettered by money.

Tags: Money, Reason

There's nothing you can do about busted ribs. You just have to wait for them to pop back into place again.

Tags: Again, Place, Wait

When I left university, I idled around without focus for much too long.

Tags: Focus, Left, University

You cannot use the democratic process for the procurement of excellence.

Tags: Cannot, Democratic, Process

Your home should be about enriching the daily experience.

Tags: Daily, Experience, Home

A friend of mine once wrote a silly article about all these metrosexuals like David Beckham wearing sarongs, and she described me as a 'heteropolitan.' I don't know what that means. I think it was a joke.

Tags: Friend, Once, She

Because I live in the countryside, I want a building which encourages me to have a fully formed relationship with the environment. It gives me an opportunity to not just be inside or outside, but in a range of contexts.

Tags: Building, Inside, Outside

Building a house from scratch in the middle of a field is a bit like building a prototype car. As with all prototypes, if you're building a car you usually have the luxury of producing several prototypes before you arrive at the production line version - so the opportunity for changing things is quite rich.

Tags: Car, House, Rich

I am a big fan of long drop, composting toilets - I like the cycle of using waste. When you have experienced one and seen what comes out of the bottom, it is amazing stuff. It's the most beautiful, driest, sweet-smelling compost.

Tags: Amazing, Beautiful, Big

I don't know whether other asthma sufferers find this, but I've noticed that even when I've got my asthma under control, I often develop another problem such as an ear, chest or sinus infection and sometimes even joint pains.

Tags: Control, Problem, Sometimes

I hate negativity. I hate people who say the phrase 'I hate'. I really don't like the word 'hate.' Dislike, frightened of, terrified of, or yukky - but not 'hate.'

Tags: Hate, Negativity, Word

I'm quite shy. Television presents an amplified version of yourself. When I'm on camera I'm pumping more adrenaline, I'm being a bit more engaging than I am in everyday conversation, but that's normal, isn't it? Otherwise nobody would want to watch.

Tags: Everyday, Nobody, Yourself