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Kiernan Shipka's Profile

Brief about Kiernan Shipka: By info that we know Kiernan Shipka was born at 1999-11-10. And also Kiernan Shipka is American Actress.

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Any day acting is an amazing day.

Tags: Acting, Amazing

I always try to read at night, because it gets me kind of tired.

Tags: Night, Tired, Try

I am a huge fashion fan. It's a really cool way to express yourself.

Tags: Cool, Fashion, Yourself

I am always texting!

Tags: Texting

I design some of my own clothes now.

Tags: Clothes, Design

I do listen to some music, but I don't technically have one band I'm absolutely hooked on.

Tags: Band, Listen, Music

I do lots of activities. I hang out with friends.

Tags: Activities, Friends, Lots

I don't know if I've ever screamed or cried for a band.

Tags: Band, Cried

I follow fashion trends.

Tags: Fashion, Follow, Trends

I hate a messy closet. I totally freak out when my closet is messy and I can't find anything.

Tags: Closet, Freak, Hate

I have a Twitter, but I'm not a tweeter... if that really makes sense.

Tags: Makes, Sense, Twitter

I love ballet. Ballet is its own being. It has its own vocabulary. I feel as if I am in a different world when I am in the ballet studio.

Tags: Ballet, Love, Studio

I love organization, so I split my clothes into two closets according to seasons.

Tags: Clothes, Love, Seasons

I make most of my friends through my extracurricular activities.

Tags: Activities, Friends

I really get a chance to be a normal kid.

Tags: Chance, Kid, Normal

I'd definitely like to go to college some day.

Tags: College, Definitely

I'm such a theater geek.

Tags: Geek, Theater

I've been playing since I was 5, but I wouldn't say that I'm serious about the piano.

Tags: Playing, Serious, Since

My style is constantly changing.

Tags: Changing, Constantly, Style

Some things are worth the splurge.

Tags: Worth
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