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Lamorne Morris's Profile

Brief about Lamorne Morris: By info that we know Lamorne Morris was born at 1980-08-14. And also Lamorne Morris is American Actor.

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I love being in public places, but I can't stand long, drawn-out music festivals.

Tags: Love, Music, Stand

If you have a lot of sweetness and quirkiness, someone's got to have a little bit of bite against that.

Tags: Against, Bit, Someone

I've known I wanted to do this ever since I was a little kid and I used to get in trouble at church for goofing off all the time: mocking the preacher, imitating people and the things they did. I later learned my mother used to be just as goofy as I was when she was younger. I mean, Eddie Murphy in 'Coming to America?' My hero.

Tags: Mean, Mother, Time

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