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Laura Wilkinson's Profile

Brief about Laura Wilkinson: By info that we know Laura Wilkinson was born at 1977-11-17. And also Laura Wilkinson is American Athlete.

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There's nothing like overcoming something that scares you so much. Nothing feels better.

Tags: Feels, Overcoming, Scares

I definitely want to win a gold medal, that should be everybody's goal.

Tags: Everybody, Goal, Win

I love chocolate chip cookies - really anything with chocolate will do!

Tags: Chocolate, Cookies, Love

I love overcoming challenges and fear.

Tags: Fear, Love, Overcoming

I think there's nothing that can drive you more than a huge dream or a huge challenge.

Tags: Challenge, Dream, Drive

I want to do my hard dives really well, I want to see what my true potential in this sport really is. I want to grasp that.

Tags: Hard, Potential, True

I was vegetarian for a long time, and in the last four years I started eating chicken and fish. I feel like it really built up my strength a lot.

Tags: Last, Strength, Time

The women are stepping up their degree of difficulty more than the men. A lot of us do the same dives as the men now.

Tags: Degree, Men, Women

There are a lot of eating disorders in our sport, so I try very hard not to get consumed by all that.

Tags: Eating, Hard, Try

Fear has been a big battle, it runs rampant in my sport so I love to overcome that, to challenge it head on, because there is nothing that feels as accomplished as overcoming a fear, and something that has blocked you in such a big way.

Tags: Battle, Fear, Love