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Linton Kwesi Johnson's Profile

Brief about Linton Kwesi Johnson: By info that we know Linton Kwesi Johnson was born at 1952-08-24. And also Linton Kwesi Johnson is Jamaican Poet.

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I have never, ever sought validation from the arbiters of British poetic taste.

Tags: British, Poetic, Taste

Once you have a disease like cancer, you look at life a bit differently. Some things that were important no longer seem as important as they were.

Tags: Cancer, Life, Once

The modern stuff, I can take it or leave it. I like its danceability, but the DJs talk a lot of nonsense.

Tags: Leave, Stuff, Talk

The more I read my poems, the more I find out about them. I still read them with the same passion I felt when I wrote them as a young man.

Tags: Passion, Read, Young

Younger people are discovering my work, even though my reggae is not like theirs.

Tags: Reggae, Though, Work

At the end of the day, life's about realising one's human potential. I don't know if I've realised mine, but I've certainly gone a long way towards realising some goals and some dreams.

Tags: Dreams, End, Life

Back in those early days when I began my apprenticeship as a poet, I also tried to voice our anger, spirit of defiance and resistance in a Jamaican poetic idiom.

Tags: Anger, Days, Spirit

I am often asked why I started to write poetry. The answer is that my motivation sprang from a visceral need to creatively articulate the experiences of the black youth of my generation, coming of age in a racist society.

Tags: Age, Poetry, Society

I don't go to see bands any more because I've got tinnitus, so I have to avoid loud music. You get used to it, but when it's quiet you hear a constant ringing.

Tags: Music, Quiet, Used

I wrote two poems about the '81 uprisings: 'Di Great Insohreckshan' and 'Mekin Histri.' I wrote those two poems from the perspective of those who had taken part in the Brixton riots. The tone of the poem is celebratory because I wanted to capture the mood of exhilaration felt by black people at the time.

Tags: Black, Great, Time

I do get angry some time, but if I let that feeling take over it would only cloud my thinking and disable me from making the right decision when it counts the most. I just try to think about my mother, children, God, and of course my freedom.

Tags: Freedom, God, Time

I just wish that every responsible and concerned person would step back regardless of race and gender and just take a closer look at what's really going on in the world today, and say enough is enough!

Tags: Enough, Today, Wish

We are all victims because of the circumstances, but I'm not sure what to say to any one who has lost a loved one. I know the feeling myself, and words just don't do much to ease the pain.

Tags: Feeling, Lost, Pain

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