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Lionel Jospin's Profile

Brief about Lionel Jospin: By info that we know Lionel Jospin was born at 1937-07-12. And also Lionel Jospin is French Statesman.

Some Lionel Jospin's quotes. Goto "Lionel Jospin's quotation" section for more.

Co-operation between governments still plays an important role and will remain indispensable.

Tags: Between, Remain, Role

I do not separate France from Europe.

Tags: Europe, France, Separate

I remain attached to my nation.

Tags: Attached, Nation, Remain

I would like to see capital punishment suppressed in all democracies.

Tags: Capital, Punishment, Suppressed

If French is no longer the language of a power, it can be the language of a counter power.

Tags: Language, Longer, Power

The fight against terror is a common imperative for democracies and must become so for all nations.

Tags: Against, Become, Fight

We must lead in a different way... We must have an active president, who gives strong direction and works with the government for its implementation.

Tags: Direction, Government, Strong

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