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Lynda Carter's Profile

Brief about Lynda Carter: By info that we know Lynda Carter was born at 1951-07-24. And also Lynda Carter is American Actress.

Some Lynda Carter's quotes. Goto "Lynda Carter's quotation" section for more.

I want to do everything right now! This very minute. I am impatient, but yes I have goals. To be a real well-respected actress whom people know they can rely on to do a good job... whether they like me as a person or not!

Tags: Good, Job, Real

I try to avoid cheese, dairy and a lot of meat, but I do like them.

Tags: Avoid, Cheese, Try

I'm an adventurer and I enjoy all types of things, and eating is a part of that. It's just too bad we have to watch what we eat.

Tags: Bad, Eat, Enjoy

My only interest in women's clothes is what's underneath them.

Tags: Clothes, Interest, Women

People always want me to talk about Wonder Woman, so I do.

Tags: Talk, Woman, Wonder

You want to see women your own age in films.

Tags: Age, Films, Women

I just want my audiences to be entertained and feel like they're part of the show. I want to show them a good time and create an experience they're going to enjoy.

Tags: Experience, Good, Time

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