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Maria das Gracas Silva Foster's Profile

Brief about Maria das Gracas Silva Foster: By info that we know Maria das Gracas Silva Foster was born at 1953-08-26. And also Maria das Gracas Silva Foster is Brazilian Businesswoman.

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I always studied because I knew I had to. I needed to survive and take care of my mother.

Tags: Care, Knew, Mother

I am a focused person. I am a fighter.

Tags: Fighter, Focused

I have two children. I gave up a lot for my career, but I'm very happy for it. I've done what I've always thought was best for me and my family.

Tags: Best, Family, Happy

I lived in Complexo do Alemao until I was 12, dealt with domestic violence in my childhood and faced difficulties in life.

Tags: Life, Until, Violence

I thank my mother, Terezinha, for the power of her transforming love.

Tags: Love, Mother, Power

My childhood was happy, joyful but very difficult.

Tags: Childhood, Difficult, Happy

It was not easy to get to where I am. My challenge is to learn to deal with the jokes that are common among men that I heard and continue to hear sometimes among men.

Tags: Challenge, Men, Sometimes

We didn't have much money. My whole extended family used to help us, and buy us books and food. It was hard, and there were things I didn't want to talk about. But at the end I was a happy girl.

Tags: Family, Food, Money