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Marston Bates's Profile

Brief about Marston Bates: By info that we know Marston Bates was born at 1906-07-23. And also Marston Bates is American Scientist.

Marston Bates Biography

Marston Bates, American scientist was born in Michigan on July 23, 1906. Bates was from zoology and epidemiology fields.  

Marston Bates was studying at the University of Florida, from where he got a B.S. in 1927. He got an A.M. from the Harvard University in 1933.  During 1952-1971 he was working as a professor at the University of Michigan.

He has written many science books. The books of Marston Bates: The Nature of Natural History, Where Winter Never Comes: A Study of Man and Nature in the Tropics, The Natural History of Mosquitoes, The Prevalence of People, The Forest and the Sea, The Land and Wildlife of South America, Gluttons and Libertines: Human Problems of Being Natural and A Jungle in the House: Essays in Natural and Unnatural History.

Marston Bates  married to Nancy Bell Fairchild, who was the daughter of David Fairchild, who was the botanist.  

Marson Bates was born on April 3, 1974.

Some Marston Bates's quotes. Goto "Marston Bates's quotation" section for more.

Research is the process of going up alleys to see if they are blind.

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