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Martin Denny's Profile

Brief about Martin Denny: By info that we know Martin Denny was born at 1911-04-10. And also Martin Denny is American Musician.

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The band would play on the night off for the local hotel bands and we'd back all the different acts. So I'd been advised by good friends of mine to come back to Hawaii. Oh, I loved Honolulu, playing at a place right on the beach at Waikiki!

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Now, I'm the only living member of that group. There was the six of us originally and they're now all gone.

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Oh yeah, that was the thing to do at that time. This was before the new wave of bebop started.

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Our ages ranged from 22, down to 18, and we had a 6 month contract to go to Bogata, Columbia. And of course, it was during the depression, we were still with our parents, and things were still pretty tough on them back in the United States.

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