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Max Thieriot's Profile

Brief about Max Thieriot: By info that we know Max Thieriot was born at 1988-10-14. And also Max Thieriot is American Actor.

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As much as I appreciate acting and enjoy it, and like it, it wasn't something where I grew up wanting to be a movie star.

Tags: Acting, Enjoy, Star

I've done a little bit of everything now, but I would like to do a Western because I've never done that.

Tags: Bit, Done, Western

There are a lot of actors that are insanely talented, so I don't say who my favorite is anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Favorite, Talented

At first, I didn't like coming down to Los Angeles at all. It's like, everything's black and white compared to where I live out in the middle of nowhere. There's, like, 400 people in my town!

Tags: Black, Coming, White

I don't like going to dinner by myself; I'll call for delivery before I do that. It's awkward if you're at a table all alone. I'm sure nobody even notices, but there's something about it.

Tags: Alone, Nobody, Sure

I moved to L.A. right after I finished high school, for three years, because everybody was telling me it was important to get down there, and then I kind of just decided for myself that I didn't need to be there to be doing this. I wanted out of some of the chaos that comes with living here and being an actor.

Tags: After, Living, School

I've never done an actual Western, and I would love to do that. I've done drama and dark comedy stuff. I've never really done a romantic comedy either. I would do that.

Tags: Done, Love, Romantic

It's always interesting researching characters and as I get older and the more that I work in this business, I do more and more of it because I realize how important it is.

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